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This blog is almost never updated. To be honest I just don't have the time, so if you are expecting fresh off the grill, witty and breathtaking commentary from me, it ain't happening.   When I do get around to posting stuff, it will be a mix of food and travel reviews, memories, rants and raves, as well as links to what I consider to be best of the web on any given day.
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The Jibber Jabber

HUGE congrats go out to Nathan the Postman, (Nathan Millward), on his completion of his "Sydney To London" 2 wheeled ride. Over 33000 kilometers, 8 plus months and 18 countries .... yes he's nuts, but in the best possible way!   What amazing memories he will have to look back on, and what incredible journeys will he take next?   We can only guess, and I eagerly await the book Nate!

According to a 60 Minutes - Vanity Fair Poll released Sunday, nearly half the respondents chose Wal-Mart as the institution that best symbolizes America today. If that's true, we're doomed!

Congratulations to my daughter Lisa and son-in-law Russell ... and welcome Alex Berkley, who joined the family May 17th 2009

Alex Berkley, born 05-17-09 at 10.05am

WOW is about all I can say ... frankly I think the word awesome is highly over-used and I try to avoid it, but in this case I have to say the riding abilities of this team is nothing short of AWESOME!

December 2008 ... Oh boy ... I discovered World of Warcraft ... goodbye world of reality!   I must admit, I find it amusing that I've spent the last few years ridiculing people who would spend $15 a month on a computer game, only to now be doing exactly that and having a blast. And I do see where all the rumors come from about how addictive it is ... this game is definitely computerized crack!

Fresh back from our 2008 vacation, and you can read all about it HERE, and check out all the photos HERE. And I was reminded of something I thought about last year ... if all the worlds leaders, good AND evil, were gathered together and taken for a walk around Bryce Canyon ... would world peace break out?   I think I may be onto something!

Queens Garden Trail

Obama takes a trip. And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness.

Yeah, I bought a bike!   I finally decided I've had enough of spending all my hard earned money gassing up the Jeep, and I went out and bought myself a 2008 V Star Silverado.   Sweet ride!

I just paid $3.45 a gallon for gas this morning!!   $61 to fill the tank!!   And the really sad thing is, I'll probably look back at this in a year and think to myself, wow ... gas was cheap back then!   I should shut up now - I'm going to England in 2 weeks, where gas is $10 a gallon.

I'm now reading Christopher Moore's "Stupidest Angel". I have to read Christopher Moore's and Bill Bryson's books in private for fear of scaring everyone around me when I burst out laughing uncontrollably!

I just finished reading: Bill Bryson's "Lost Continent" ... extremely funny and well written, Bill Bryson is one of my all-time favorite authors, and my all-time favorite travel author. I'd love to get his opinion on my Utah travel blog, so if anyone knows him, feel free to send him my website address! Check out more of his stuff here, at his US publisher, or here, at his UK site.

Quote of the day: Going to war over religion is ... killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend.

Sickening news story in the Chicago Tribune. I can't even start with this because it'll end up being a five page rant!   Just read the article, I'm sure you'll agree.

My treadmill arrived Friday, perfect timing because I was home on a snow day, so I had all day to hook it up and play!   It's a Merit 720T by Horizon Fitness, and I'm very impressed. Easy to assemble, great features, extremely quiet, and very inexpensive ($499 from Amazon with free shipping). I'm starting out slow, walk speed set on 3, incline set on 1, one mile in about 20 minutes, and from that I'll build to a daily regimen I can handle.

Following a recent physical and bloodwork, I've decided it's time to quit screwing around with my future and get serious about keeping healthy. To that end I invested in a treadmill (ordered from Amazon, hasn't arrived yet), and a blood pressure monitor (ordered from Amazon, got it a couple days later). It's an Omron battery operated wrist model, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with it. It appears to be very accurate, and very easy to use. My doctor wasn't real happy with my blood sugar and cholesterol levels and wanted me to start taking Crestor. I wasn't thrilled with that - Statins have some nasty side-effects - so I decided to go the natural route instead by watching what I'm eating (sorry Bertolli ... I love you but you're killing me with all that sodium and cholesterol!), and starting a routine excersize program. I figure a treadmill will let me get a daily routine in without worrying about the weather or the time of day. I also signed up with Nutrisystem and got my first order, which I have to say I'm not exactly over the moon with. The food is good for the most part, but some of it seems higher in sodium than the alternate brands and it's more expensive, so I'm not sure I'll stick to it. I'll see how I do with the weight and excersize.

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The Old Jibber Jabber

Funny stuff indeed!   Here's a fella who really knows how to tell a story, and I can sympathize because I'm not allowed to have a barbecue grill on my deck either ... and I own the place!

I love living on Long Island!   Where else could you be driving home from work minding your own business, when suddenly a woman with a big beat up old SUV full of, (what I assumed to be), her teenage daughters, starts to head into your lane and almost cause a collision, which causes you to honk your horn to alert her to the fact that she's about to sideswipe you. And where else would that result in her following you, tailgating, weaving in and out of lanes to get beside you for the next 10 miles so her delightful young white-trash sluts can give you the finger and curse at you every chance they get. I wonder why I have high blood pressure!

I'm sure she doesn't read, but it would be nice if she happened to read this, and maybe think about her attitude, and the way she's done such an outstanding job of raising her little gaggle of Britneys.

I might have managed to find the absolute WORST computer game of all time!

If you have 8 1/2 minutes this is a must see video from the recent CES show, where Bill Gates announced his retirement.

Because I work in a library I have an interest in them. When we travel we almost always visit the local library wherever we are, and when there's items about libraries online I check them out, especially if they are different, unusual or whatever the case is. Such is the case with a new library in Alexandria, Egypt, or the Shenzhen Library and Concert Hall in Shenzhen China.   By the way, this visiting libraries thing, I've been meaning to talk to a therapist about this ... I mean it's not normal right?   Mechanics don't go running into the local Ford dealer when they're on vacation ... or doctors, lawyers, teachers. Does the mailman run into the post office when he's in the Bahamas?   Well ok, maybe if he wants to send his mum a postcard, but you know what I mean.

I'm borrowing this from another site I stumbled across this morning (Charlie's Diary), because it's too good not to: I want the RIAA and MPAA to be investigated for racketeering, found guilty, and their executives imprisoned ... this tops my own personal list of things I want to see happen in 2008. I think I'll work on a top ten list before New Years day, and then see how many actually happen. More fun than trying to give up stuff I know I can't, like peanut butter choc chip cookies, ice cream and all that!

Sunday again and here I am, editing the old blog! Actually this time it's a coincidence ... I had done some editing during the week but due to a glitch with the site moving from one host to another, the changes I made got lost. I can't even remember exactly what I posted so hopefully it wasn't anything too profound.

Apparently this site is updated every Sunday ... yup, it's football day again, and this week it's the snowball game between the New England Patriots and the New Jersey Jets ... and I understand there are already plenty of waaaaaambulances on the scene for coach Mangini, in anticipation of his impending ass-whooping!

Sunday, day of FOOTBALL ... it snowed almost all day, we got about a quarter inch of the stuff - hopefully that's it for the season!   Yeah, I'm a grouch at this time of year. I don't like cold, maybe it's my age but stuff aches that didn't ache during the summer.

It's Saturday and I'm at work ... what's wrong with this picture?   After work we went out to the Boulder Creek Steakhouse in Riverhead. Hardly any wait for a table which is a miracle on a Saturday on Long Island, but everyone else on the planet is probably out Christmas shopping. I had a really good filet mignon with bacon and Gorgonzola cheese crumbled on top of it, with a side of fries and delicious sauteed mushrooms. Nice place and it's on my list of must visit again, but if anyone from Boulder Creek is reading this - how about expanding your beer selection?   Like maybe you could add Polygamy Porter to your domestic brews, and perhaps a couple of British beers?   They're quite well known for their selection.

Today marked the 100th anniversary of The Smithtown Library. It was founded on November 30th, 1907 ... pretty amazing stuff!   Some of the original staff still work there :)   I'm pretty sure the network wiring was done back then and I believe the phone system was personally installed by Mr Bell!   I kid, I love the place really, and I love my job there.

So ... what's been going on lately. We went on the greatest vacation back in September. In the unlikely event that I haven't already bored you to death talking about it, I wrote a whole big story about our travels and took about 1000 photos, so if you want, go take a look here. If anyone's interested, I could spend the rest of my life on vacation and write all kinds of fascinating stuff for the right amount of money :)

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